Medical ultrasound transducer probe R50 housing

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Product name: Probe housing

Product model: R50

Array sizes that can be matched: L62.6mm*W16.5mm*R50

Service category:  Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories   

Warranty period:  1 year

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Delivery time: In the fastest possible case, we will ship the goods on the same day after you confirm your demand. If the demand is large or there are special requirements, it will be determined based on the actual situation.

R50 probe housing size:


Knowledge points:

This paragraph discusses the problems that ultrasonic transducers may face during long-term use. Long-term use may cause the shell of the ultrasonic transducer to crack and age, or be damaged due to human factors (such as falling or bumping). When the shielding quality of the housing is damaged, it will cause image interference and unclear conditions. In severe cases, induced current may appear from the front end, which may cause harm to the patient's body. In addition, the coupling agent may penetrate into the probe, causing oxidation and corrosion problems in the ultrasonic crystal.

Warm reminder: When the shell of the medical ultrasonic transducer probe is cracked, timely maintenance is required to prevent the coupling agent from penetrating into the probe and causing damage to the array due to shell damage.


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