Warranty Instructions

● During the warranty period, our company gives different warranty periods for different categories of products

1. The warranty period of ultrasonic transducer repair is one year (special note: only the repaired items are guaranteed. For example, if the sound head of an ultrasonic transducer is repaired, the sound head of the ultrasonic transducer is guaranteed for one year, but other items of the ultrasonic transducer are not guaranteed)

2. The warranty period of all kinds of ultrasonic transducer accessories is one year (special note: parts damaged by human causes are not covered by the warranty).

3. The warranty period for endoscopic repair is six months for some soft lenses, and three months for other Urethral soft mirror, hard lenses, camera systems and instruments

● During the normal use of the warranty period, the fault caused by our products, our company will be responsible for free repair; After the customer receives the product, the fault caused by human reasons, our company does not guarantee

● Products in the future use, if there is a problem can be timely contact with our company, our company will be the first time for you to solve the confusion