Medical ultrasound transducer probe L38 housing

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Product name: Probe housing

Product model: L38

Array sizes that can be matched: L46.2mm*W8mm

Service category:  Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories   

Warranty period:  1 year

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L38 probe housing size:


Performance indicators of ultrasonic sensors:

The core of the ultrasonic probe is the piezoelectric chip. Wafers can be made of many types of materials. The size of the chip, such as diameter and thickness, is also different, so the performance of each probe is different, and we must understand its performance in advance before use. The main performance indicators of ultrasonic sensors include:

1. Working frequency - is the resonant frequency of the piezoelectric chip. When the frequency of the AC voltage applied to both ends is equal to the resonant frequency of the chip, the output energy is maximum and the sensitivity is also the highest.

2. Working temperature - Since the Curie point of piezoelectric materials is generally relatively high, especially diagnostic ultrasonic probes that use less power, the working temperature is relatively low and can work for a long time without failure. Medical ultrasound probes have relatively high temperatures and require separate refrigeration equipment.

3. Sensitivity - mainly depends on the manufacturing wafer itself. If the electromechanical coupling coefficient is large, the sensitivity is high; on the contrary, the sensitivity is low.


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