Medical Ultrasound Transducer C51-IE33 Cable Assembly

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Product name: Cable assembly

Product name: C51-IE33

Total cable length: 2.26 meters

160 core cable

Applicable OEM models: C5-1-IE33, C5-1-IU22

Service category: Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories

Warranty period: 1 year


We can provide you with ultrasound probe repair services, accessories customization services (including but not limited to: arrays, probe housings, cable assemblies, sheaths, oil bladders), and endoscope repair services.
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Delivery time: In the fastest possible case, we will ship the goods on the same day after you confirm your demand. If the demand is large or there are special requirements, it will be determined based on the actual situation.

C51-IE33 detail picture:

C51-IE33 cable assembly dimensions are consistent with OEM and installation is a perfect match.

Philips C5-1 Cable Assembly
Philips C5-1 Cable Assembly


1. Make sure the cables and connectors are compatible with the device and application being used.

2. During use, avoid excessive bending or twisting of the cable to prevent signal transmission performance degradation or cable damage.

3. If the cable or connector is found to be damaged or its performance is degraded, it should be replaced in time.

4.Be careful when cleaning cables and avoid contact with corrosive items.

 We can provide you with all kinds of ultrasonic transducer required accessories, as well as the ultrasonic transducer repair and endoscope repair services.At any time you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will answer for you one by one; we are looking forward to becoming a long-term and win-win partner with you.

We are looking forward to becoming a long-term and win-win partner with you.

Our team is ready to serve you.

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