Medical ultrasonic transducer accessories 12LA array

Short Description:

Product name: Linear array

Product model: 12LA     

Applicable OEM model:  12L-A

Frequency: 3-17MHz

Number of cells:  192

12LA array size: L53.1mm*W7.98mm 

Can it match the original shell:Yes

Service category:  Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories   

Warranty period:  1 year


We can provide you with ultrasound probe repair services, accessories customization services (including but not limited to: arrays, probe housings, cable assemblies, sheaths, oil bladders), and endoscope repair services.

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Delivery time: In the fastest possible case, we will ship the goods on the same day after you confirm your demand. If the demand is large or there are special requirements, it will be determined based on the actual situation.

12LA array size:

The size of the 12LA array is close to that of the OEM, and the array can match the OEM housing; the array cannot be installed directly and requires welding (we provide soldering wire boards and connectors for free)

Sonoscape 12L-A Array
Sonoscape 12L-A Array

Knowledge points:

The piezoelectric transducer probe is mainly composed of a piezoelectric chip, a damping block, a cable, a connector, a protective film, and a shell. Ultrasonic probe, also called transducer, is a device that emits and receives ultrasonic waves during ultrasonic testing. The ultrasonic probe is mainly composed of sound-absorbing material, shell, damping block, and piezoelectric chip (the chip is a single crystal or polycrystalline thin film with piezoelectric effect, and its function is to convert electrical energy and sound energy into each other). The sound-absorbing material absorbs ultrasonic noise, and the shell plays the role of support, fixation, protection and electromagnetic shielding. Damping blocks can reduce chip aftershocks and clutter and improve resolution. The piezoelectric chip is the most critical component of the probe to generate ultrasonic waves. It can emit and receive ultrasonic waves. General piezoelectric wafers are made of quartz single crystal, piezoelectric ceramics and other materials with piezoelectric effect. The ultrasonic probe is used for distance measurement and is the front end of the ultrasonic sensor. It is used to emit ultrasonic waves and receive sound waves reflected back from the surface of the object. Specifically, it is part of the ultrasonic sensor.

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