Medical ultrasonic transducer accessories SC16 array

Short Description:

Product name: convex array

Product model: SC16     

Applicable OEM model:  SC1-6

Frequency:  1-6MHz

Number of cells:  192

SC16 array size: L64mm*W16.8mm*R60

Can it match the original shell:No (Can be matched with the shell independently developed by our company)

Service category:  Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories   

Warranty period:  1 year

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Delivery time: In the fastest possible case, we will ship the goods on the same day after you confirm your demand. If the demand is large or there are special requirements, it will be determined based on the actual situation.

SC16 array size:

The size of the SC16 array is different from the OEM one, so it cannot fit into the original housing, but it can match our self-developed housing. the array cannot be installed directly and requires soldering (soldering wire boards and connectors are provided free of charge)

Samsung Madison SC1-6 Array
Samsung Madison SC1-6 Array

Ultrasonic sensor system consists of:

It consists of transmitter, receiver, control part and power supply part. 

Transmitter: generates ultrasonic waves through vibrator vibration and radiates them into the air.

Receiver: When the vibrator receives ultrasonic waves, it generates corresponding mechanical vibrations based on the ultrasonic waves and converts them into electrical energy as the output of the receiver.

Control part: Control the ultrasonic transmission of the transmitter by using an integrated circuit, and determine whether the receiver receives the ultrasonic signal and the size of the received signal.

 Power supply part: Ultrasonic sensors are usually powered by an external DC power supply with a voltage of DC12V ± 10% or 24V ± 10%, and are supplied to the sensor through an internal voltage stabilizing circuit.

In actual use, the vibrator used to send ultrasonic waves can also be used as a vibrator to receive ultrasonic waves (the same vibrator can send and receive ultrasonic waves). The vibrator that sends and receives ultrasonic waves is also called an ultrasonic transducer. The ultrasonic transducer is an ultrasonic transducer. The front end of the sensor is used to emit ultrasonic waves and receive sound waves reflected back from the surface of the object.

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