Knowledge of medical ultrasound probe cable components

Medical ultrasound probe cable assembly is an indispensable and important part of ultrasound diagnostic equipment. It is responsible for connecting the ultrasound probe to the host computer, transmitting ultrasound signals and receiving echo signals, thereby enabling doctors to detect and diagnose patients.

Basic structure: Medical ultrasound probe cable assembly usually consists of internal wires, external insulation layer and protective shell. Internal wires are usually stranded or tinned copper wire to provide greater conductivity and good signal transmission capabilities. The outer insulation serves to isolate and protect the internal wires. Common materials include polyethylene, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. The protective casing is used to protect the cable from damage and provide resistance to external interference. 


Cable length and type: The length of the medical ultrasound probe cable assembly can be selected according to actual needs; generally, the longer the cable, the greater the attenuation of signal transmission.

Anti-trampling and anti-twisting: Medical ultrasound probe cable assemblies require frequent movement and adjustment during use, so they must have good resistance to trampling and twisting. To meet this requirement, cables are often externally insulated with soft materials to increase their flexibility and durability. In addition, some high-end cables add steel wire or other reinforcing materials inside the outer insulation to further enhance the stability and durability of the cable.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding: Medical ultrasound probe cable assemblies are often used in complex medical environments where strong electromagnetic interference may be present. In order to prevent the impact of electromagnetic interference on signal transmission, cables usually use electromagnetic shielding technology. The electromagnetic shielding layer usually uses conductive metal materials, such as aluminum foil, copper mesh, etc., which can effectively shield external electromagnetic interference signals and provide stable and reliable signal transmission.

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Post time: Nov-29-2023