Exploring the of medical ultrasonic transducers: Zhuhai Chimelong tourism activities

On September 11,2023, our company organized an unforgettable travel activity, the destination was Zhuhai Chimelong. This travel activity not only provides us with the opportunity to relax and have fun, but also provides us with valuable learning opportunities to understand the customization and repair of medical ultrasound transducer accessories. The tour group set off early in the morning and we took a comfortable bus to our destination. Along the way, everyone laughed and exchanged excitement and expectations with each other. After arriving in Chimelong, we first visited the famous Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Here, we enjoyed the performances of various marine animals and felt the mystery and charm of the ocean. At the same time, we also have the opportunity to participate in interactive experiences and have close contact with cute animals such as dolphins and penguins. 


We also arranged a special link, which was a visit to Medical Equipment Company.  Through visiting the factory and communicating with engineers, we learned about the importance of medical ultrasound transducers in the medical field, as well as the key technologies in the two key links of customization and repair. Customization of medical ultrasound transducer accessories is customized processing to meet the needs and special functions of different medical equipment. This requires a professional technical team and advanced equipment to ensure that medical ultrasound transducer accessories are customized to meet precise size, stability and performance requirements. Medical ultrasound transducer repair is maintenance and repair work performed to extend the service life of the equipment and maintain its normal operation. During the maintenance process, technicians will inspect the transducer, repair damaged parts, and perform necessary debugging and correction to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. This is a valuable learning opportunity for our company's R&D and marketing departments. We will actively apply the knowledge we have learned to improve the technical level of accessories customization and repair of medical ultrasound transducers, and provide customers with better products and services. During this travel activity, we not only relaxed our body and mind and enhanced the cohesion of the team, but also learned knowledge related to our work. This travel activity will become a beautiful memory in the development of our company, and will also bring positive promotion and inspiration to our work. We look forward to more opportunities like this in the future, allowing us to continue to grow and improve!

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Post time: Sep-18-2023