Medical ultrasonic transducer accessories L125 array

Short Description:

Product name: Linear array

Product model: L125     

Applicable OEM model:  L12-5

Frequency:  5-12MHz

Number of cells:  256

L125 array size: L55.3mm*W9.8mm

Can it match the original shell:Yes

Service category:  Customization of medical ultrasonic transducer accessories   

Warranty period:  1 year

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Delivery time: In the fastest possible case, we will ship the goods on the same day after you confirm your demand. If the demand is large or there are special requirements, it will be determined based on the actual situation.

L125 array size:

The size of the L125 array is consistent with the OEM and can match to the shell of the OEM; the array cannot be installed directly and the array needs to be welded to the probe end circuit board (We can weld it, but you need to provide the probe circuit board )

Philips L12-5 Array
Philips L12-5 Array

How to identify ultrasonic transducer fault in preliminary?

Malfunctioning sound lens: Bubbles in the sound lens can cause partial black shadows on ultrasonic images; however, pressing down hard on the shadowed area may make it disappear. The damaged of acoustic lens will cause the coupling agent to penetrate into the crystal layer.

Sound head fault: The sound head fault is when the array element (crystal) has some sort of damage, and will appear as a dark channel, blood flow flower, or if it's concentrated in the middle then it will affect normal use.

Shell malfunction: The breaking of the shell will allow the coupling agent to penetrate into the probe, causing oxidation and corrosion of the sound head crystal.

Sheath fault: sheath is the protective layer of the cable, if it break there is a danger of damage to the cables.

Cable fault: The cable is the carrier connecting the sound head and the host system. The fault of the cable will cause the probe to appear dark channel, interference and ghosting.

Circuit fault: will lead to probe error, flaring, no recognition, double image, etc.

Oil sac fault: The oil sac be damaged can result in the leakage of oil, which will cause a black image to form locally.

Three-dimensional/Four-dimensional malfunction: Shows as three-dimensional/four dimensional not working (no image), motor does not work.

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